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Providing support to our Nation's Warriors and their families



At Project Patriot, we are committed to one mission; to provide fellowship and support to Our Nation's Finest, current and former military, law enforcement and first responders, and their families. We take great care in concentrating on those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ,traumatic brain injury (TBI), and adjustment disorders. We are also committed to educating our fellow citizens about the massive sacrifices that our heroes have made on their behalf. When a service member comes home from a traumatic event, the war within is just beginning.  When a law enforcement officer or first responder comes home after a tragic event, the struggles within are just beginning.


Explore our website to learn more about all that we are doing to support our heroes. We are a veteran founded public non-profit organization dedicated to completing the mission. We are continually seeking volunteers to help us support our Nation's heroes and their families overcome challenges, while developing meaningful relationships with them.




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Proudly Supporting

Project Patriot is a 501c3 tax exempt, national non-profit organization.
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